Delivery and returns

  • Shipping

    We deliver the products Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm. We do not ship on certain holidays. We can only deliver an order if the delivery address is a home or office located in one of the countries mentioned in the list of countries available in the Delivery menu.

    You must ensure that someone is at the address to receive the order. This service does not include a scheduling or appointment option, so the delivery of the order will be made without prior contact by the carrier. We do not guarantee this delivery period in periods of promotions, sales, Christmas, periods of epidemic or if we are out of stock.

    A delivery is considered to have been made or a product is considered to have been delivered with the signature of the delivery receipt at the agreed address.

    The delivery time is counted as follows, if AEROBICS receives the confirmation of payment before 12h AM GMT, the day the order was paid counts as the first day of the announced delivery time in the checkout. If the payment confirmation is received after 12h AM GMT, the first day which counts for the delivery date is the day after the payment have been confirmed by the bank.

    Whenever possible we try to deliver everything in one shipment. However, we reserve the right to split the delivery of the order, for example (but not limited to) if a part of the order is late or not available. If we split the order, the customer will be notified by email of our intention to do so. The email address the customer provided at the time of purchase will be used for this purpose.

    The customer must inspect the packaging for possible damage when it is delivered. If the customer finds that the products are damaged, they must not accept the delivery of the order, which will be returned. AEROBICS will refund the amounts paid for the order and transport as soon as the warehouse receives the items and completes the return process.

    Any claim for non-receipt of the order must be made within a maximum of 30 days from the date the order was placed. After this period, AEROBICS cannot be held responsible for the loss of the order.

    The delivery terms vary according to the market and the option selected by the client, being all the information available in the checkout phase according to the delivery address supplied by the client.

    The delivery times presented on the website, can be presented in hours or in days, should always be considered business hours or days, excluding from the calculation’s weekends and holydays.

    At this moment we are delivering to Portugal, France, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Poland, Greece, Bulgari, Finland, Romania, Croatia, Only on the mainland we do not deliver to the islands.

    If you want to receive our products in any other country, please contact our customer service at, we’ll do our best to help you.

  • Returns

    AEROBICS® wants that each and every client to be satisfied when purchasing one of its products but, it the case the product doesn’t meet expectations we will do our best to help proceed with the return, wherever the product was bought either in or in any other point of sale. But the place where the product was bought influences the return process.

    If the product was bought at the client has 100 days to return the products.

    In case of products bought in another online shop or in a physical point of sale, the customer should contact the store directly.

    Customers can cancel their order as long as it has not yet been shipped. If you place an order and want to cancel it you should contact our Customer Service and request the cancellation of your order, through the email address

    If the cancellation request is successful, you will be notified by email of this decision and the cancellation will be processed at no cost. If the cancellation request is not possible, the products will be sent to the customer who, if they still want to cancel the order, must refuse to receive them. The products will be returned and, upon receipt, the cancellation will be processed.

    Customers have the right to return delivered products if they are defective or otherwise do not conform to the products that were ordered. The return can be made within 100 days after receipt of the order. This does not affect your statutory rights. If your complaint is justified, the price and shipping costs will be refunded. For more information on how to return and chargeback information, please refer to the Help/FAQs menu on the website.

    In any case you if for any reason you are not satisfied with the products you ordered you can return them within 100 calendar days of receipt, provided that, the products show no signs of use; and the product is unaltered, and the packaging is not damaged (carefully opened packaging will not be considered damaged);

    Năo pode devolver produtos que tenham sido adulterados ou utilizados.

    It is currently not possible for a person who has received a product as a present from another person to return it. In this case, to proceed with the return you must contact the person who bought it, so that they can return it, according to the Return Conditions.

    To exchange one item for color or sizes, please follow the steps in the FAQs for Returns.

    Refunds will be made based on the payment method. If the customer makes the payment by ATM reference, the customer must give their bank details to our Customer Support when they start the return process. This information is necessary so that we can proceed with the refund of the money to your account. The customer will receive a refund after the product(s) have been returned and processed.

    For additional information on the return process and refund times, please refer to the Help/FAQ section of the website. Please read the help instructions in that section and follow the instructions carefully to avoid unnecessary delays.

    AEROBICS does not accept responsibility for the payment, during a return process, of any additional taxes, duties or charges regulated by any other applicable legislation rather than the Portuguese and European. If necessary, as for example outside the European Union, the customer must therefore provide for import or export customs duties, pay taxes and fees that may occur in the importing country.